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Suar Live Edge Slab (80 ")
Suar Live Edge Slab (80 ")
Suar Live Edge Slab (80 ")

Suar Live Edge Slab (80 ")

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Slab alone or complete dining table of your choice
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  • Option 1 : Slab only
  • Option 2: Dining table complete (Slab + Legs + Finish ). We will contact you to confirm your choice of legs (U or X in black or chrome metal).
  • Dimensions : (See photo) measures in millimeters . Use the converter below or divide by 10 for cm or by 25 for inch.
  • Thickness: +/- 2.5 inches
  • Provenance : Plantations (Thailand).
  • Others: Kiln dried, flattened + sealer.
* please note that the manufacturing time for dining tables is 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

What is Suar Wood?

Saman or "Rain Tree", this large tree has the particularity of growing very quickly and thus being harvested and replaced by new ones. For this reason, many suar plantations have emerged in Asia and in particular in Thailand where our slabs come from . It is also for its various qualities, its fine grain, its growth traits and its beautiful gradations that it lends itself beautifully to the work of live Edge table tops .

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