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Suar wood dining table
Suar wood dining table
Suar wood dining table

Suar wood dining table

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Exotic Suar wood dining table from Thailand. 

  • Dimensions: 70x35x2 inches approximately
  • Materials: Suar wood, metal legs different models to choose from
  • Included in the price: Slab finish, sandblasting, metal legs.

To view the selection of slabs available, please click here .


Please note that table tops vary slightly from one to another, each piece is unique in shape, grain and ribs. As a reminder, the slabs in photos are raw, without any finishing. If they appear dirty on the surface or have cracks, all of this is normal and part of the life of the wood.

Choice of mat or satin finish, metal legs included in the price. Please contact us to find out what choices are available.

* 74x40x2 inch tables are sold for $ 1049, contact us to place your order